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Concept Art & Illustration Portfolio. 


David Reyes is a Concept Artist and Illustrator. With knowledge in Computer Graphics, Design and Traditional Arts, working in these fields as concept artist.

Work Experience

2005 - 2016, Concept Artist since the year 2005, working for designers and particular clients. From the idea of one object, to the development of the same, illustration or rendering, for their projects.


Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Faculty of Human Sciences, Art and Design.
Career of Industrial Design and Graphic Design  2002 - 2008.


Illustration: Traditional Illustration  (Oils-Acrilycs-Airbrushes-Inks) and Digital Illustration ( Adobe Photoshop) Wacom. 

Concept Design: Designer, Character/Concept Designer. Expert knowledge of Design,  Anatomy & film  production.
Traditional (Oils-Acrilycs-Airbrushes-Inks) and Digital  Media, (Adobe Photoshop).


Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Photography (B/W, Advertising Photography).

Aditional Knowledge:

Film Narration.
Film Production.
Art History.

Software Knowledge:

Adobe Photoshop (Advanced), PS CS5
Autodesk Maya (Modeling - Advanced) (Lighting - Intermediate) - MEL (Basic)
Autodesk Softimage (Modeling - Intermediate) (Lighting - Intermediate)
Blender 3D (Modeling - Advanced) (Lighting - Intermediate).


2009. Digital Tutors, Autodesk SOFTIMAGE XSI, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting.
2008. AVID Technologies Inc, SOFTIMAGE, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting.
2008. Autodesk MAYA, Animation (Character Animation).
2007. Autodesk MAYA, Modeling - Lighting & Rendering.
2006. UJTL, Animation II, Digital Animation, 3DS Max 7.
2006. UJTL, Animation I, Traditional Animation, UJTL LABS.
2006. UJTL, Illustration I - Illustration II
2005. UJTL, Modeling - Lighting - Rendering, 3DS Max 7.
2005. UJTL, Film Narration.
2005. UJTL, Technics of Illustration.
2005. UJTL, Adverstising Photography / Fotografía e imagen publicitaria.
2004. UJTL, Art History III - Art History IV.
2004. UJTL, Photography / Fotografía.
2002. UJTL, Art History I - Art History II.
2002. UJTL, Drawing I - Drawing II.
2001. UD, Adobe Photoshop 5.


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Bogotá Colombia,. South America.

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